Tuesday, December 30, 2014

657th Place - Rick Rodriguez

Card #166

This is a good looking card for Rick.  The A's uniform pops nicely with that blue background, and he's clearly excited and happy to sit for the photographer. 

It drives me absolutely crazy, though, that the picture is off-center to accommodate the palm tree in the background!

Rodriguez bounced around in the minors for Oakland from 1981 until his first cup of coffee in the big leagues in 1986.  1987 looked like a good promise of things to come, as Rodriguez registered a 2.96 ERA in 24.1 innings.  A closer look, though, reveals he walked more batters than he struck out, which isn't usually a good sign. He made a couple of other appearances in 1988 and 1990 before disappearing back into the minor league abyss for good.

Rodriguez was actually born in Oakland, so it must have been thrilling to play for the hometown team.  He's been part of the A's organization for three decades now, and will spend 2015 as the high-A pitching coach of the Stockton Ports.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

659th and 658th Place - Dave Schmidt and Eric Bell

Card #214 and #383

Does this look familiar to you?

It should.

It wasn't uncommon for Topps to use the same background for multiple cards (click on the Indians link, for example), but at least there are typically pine trees or a baseball field in the background.  My poor Orioles got this crappy wall. 

Not cool.