Saturday, October 11, 2014

662nd Place - Wes Gardner

Card #189

Gardner came over to the Red Sox with Calvin Schiraldi in the Bob Ojeda trade.  Gardner only pitched one inning for Boston in 1986, but Ojeda and Schiraldi were key players for the opposing World Series teams.

When you check the back of Gardner's baseball card, he has Benton, Arkansas, listed as his place of birth and home.  It looks like he retired there to, according to this local story which reflects on his playing career.  The article mentions he even got a chance to coach Cliff Lee in American Legion ball.

One thing not mentioned?  The night he was arrested for hitting his wife.  He was Ray Rice before Ray Rice.  I heard someone say recently (I think it was Buck Showalter) that you don't want to be judged forever by your worst mistake. 

Sometimes it's hard not to judge.

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