Friday, September 26, 2014

663rd Place - Dave Engle

Card #196

When you check out Dave's Baseball Reference page, it lists Tom Brunansky as his brother-in-law.  Did Tom marry his sister, or did Dave marry Tom's sister?  That has to make for some awkward lockeroom dynamics...

I don't recall this from my youth, but apparently Dave suffered from the same mental block that impacted folks like Mackey Sasser and Steve Sax when throwing.  Like Sasser, Engle's main issue was getting the ball back to the pitcher.  It effectively ended his time as a starter.  Relegated to the never-glamorous backup catcher role, Engle bounced around through the 1989 season, ending his career on the Brewers. 

Engle did manage an All-Star game team in his career (1984), though he didn't get into the game.  The previous link mentioned he scouts for the Orioles now, but I couldn't find him listed...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

664th Place - Jeff Robinson

Card #449

The Thinker - by Auguste Rodin?  Maybe this is Topps showing off their more artistic side...

This is Jeff Robinson's rookie card.  No, not THAT Jeff Robinson.  This Jeff Robinson.  It's always confusing when you have two players in the league at the same time with the same name. 

Robinson debuted in 1987 during the Tigers' playoff push.  I'm not quite sure how Robinson made their roster and managed to start 21 games that year.  His minor league record wasn't memorable.  He pitched quite well in 1988 but never again, really, though he lasted through 1992.

I think this link is Jeff.  I suspect this is Jeff too.