Sunday, August 3, 2014

671st Place - Wally Ritchie

Card #494

Wally's swimsuit area looks like an optical illusion.  The inseam of his striped pants combined with the required protective gear underneath confuses the mind.

Am I looking at a cubist painting?

Are Light Cycles doing battle below Ritchie's belt?

You can't help but stare at it until you realize where you're staring. 

In 1988 Wally was coming off a good rookie campaign out of the bullpen.  He recorded a 3.75 ERA while appearing in 49 games.  For some reason he didn't appear in the majors in 1989 or '90.  He was effective again from 1991 to 1992 but was done after that.

It looks like Wally joined Vance Law on the BYU coaching staff.

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