Saturday, June 7, 2014

677th Place - Steve Kiefer

Card #187

Some of you know I have a second blog, where I'm replaying the 1984 MLB season using Statis Pro Baseball.  Besides using this entry as a gratuitous plug for that blog, I mention it because Kiefer was terrible in 1984, his first cup of coffee in the bigs.  In Statis Pro, his defensive rating is the worst possible, and his hitting numbers are dismal.

By 1987, not much had changed.

Kiefer got a couple of more chances to play in 1988 and 1989, but after that, he was gone.  He has a negative 1.6 career WAR according to Baseball Reference, which is hard to do in only 229 career at-bats.

Despite all that, this is actually a pretty nice looking card.  It's only ranked so low due to quality of the player.  (No offense intended to Mr. Kiefer)

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