Friday, May 23, 2014

680th Place - Steve Shields

Card #632

I'm guessing it never occurred to the Seattle stylists that their two most prominent uniform letters were "S&M."  C'mon, Mariners, this is supposed to be family-friendly entertainment.

For some reason I feel guilty about this, but I have no recollection of Mr. Shields.  A quick Google scan indicates I own multiple variations of his cards over the years, but none of them ring a bell. 

Speaking of ringing a bell...Shields might be known to some of you as a victim of a Kirby Pucket line drive to the face.  Unfortunately, it wasn't his first time being nearly decapitated on the mound.

Maybe all the blue on this card was a subtle nod to the facial bruising he surely suffered?   We'll throw in a "nose hair" tag too thanks to the angle of the photograph.


  1. Shields was John Rocker before we had John Rocker. On living in New York: "It's really scary, all the different ethnic groups.",4227464

  2. Holy cow - that's terrible!