Friday, April 4, 2014

686th Place - Mark Clear

Card #742

Check out those stirrup socks!!!  Yes!!!  I don't know why Bud Selig doesn't require this look for all ballplayers.  It's classy.

Clear's career was modest, though he did manage to make a couple of All-Star teams.  My strongest memory of him is, as a kid, trying to understand the unusual combination of strikeouts and walks he would pile up every year.  In 804 career innings he struck out 804 batters but also walked 554.  He's like the poor man's Nolan Ryan.

Here's a funny post about a Boston's fan all-time least favorite Red Sox roster.  It doesn't bode well for Mark Clear...


  1. Is this the first action pic here? Thought you wouldn't come across them until later on.

  2. I think we've had one or two others...? There's just something sloppy about this card, I don't like it much...