Saturday, April 19, 2014

683rd Place - Danny Heep

Card #753

Heep didn't have much to grin about after the 1987 season.  He hit a paltry .163 as a left-handed pinch hitter.  Woof.

The name banner does a good job framing what appears to be a 25th anniversary patch commemorating Dodger Stadium. 

Heep got to play a supporting role in two memorable World Series winning teams.  In 1986 he was part of the Amazing Mets and of course in 1988 he was still part of the Dodgers.  In my lifetime that Dodger team is still the most improbable world champs I've ever seen.  It felt like all they had was an un-hittable Orel Hershiser, an undeniable Kirk Gibson, and a huge pile of scrap heep players.  Hehehe...see what I did there?

You can find Danny Heep coaching at Incarnate Word in his hometown of San Antonio. 

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