Monday, March 31, 2014

688th Place - John Candelaria

Card #546

John is looking pretty shady, both literally and figuratively.  He definitely appears like he's up to something.  I'm guessing he's trying not to laugh because there's only one thin layer of warm-up jacket between his bare chest and Shea Stadium.  I could be wrong, but that plunging neckline suggests otherwise.

Candelaria played a whopping three games with the Mets, yet somehow Topps managed to capture a snap with him in his late season trade threads.  He had come over from the Angels, and would be off to the Bronx in 1988.  He really bounced around in his final years, also playing for Expos, Twins, Blue Jays, and Dodgers. 

Most of you know the "Candy Man" has a bit of an infamous reputation with his penchant for marijuana t-shirts and association with the drug-era Pirates.  I was surprised to see him listed as 6'6, I didn't remember him being so tall.

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