Wednesday, January 1, 2014

699th Place - Mike Birkbeck

Card #692

I can't stop looking at it.  The way it's peeking at us.  What does it want?  Where did it come from?  Is it trying to escape???

Mike, tuck that undershirt back in, buddy.  It's freaking me out.

Birkbeck has a "Sully" patch on his sleeve, and if my Google detective skills are accurate, that patch was worn in honor of their late equipment manager, Bob Sullivan.  I think those were worn in 1986, meaning this photo of Mike was two years old at the time of its printing.  That would have blown my mind in 1988 - how could a baseball card photo not be more recent than that?

It looks like Birkbeck has been coaching at the collegiate level in recent years.  He didn't have any real sustained success in the majors, minus a fluky four starts in his last cup of coffee.  This is a nice card, all things considered, except for that shirt under the jersey.  It's evil.

Happy New Year, everyone, let's have a great 2014.

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  1. So many awesome '80s porn staches in the 1988 Topps set.