Saturday, January 18, 2014

697th Place - Bob Rodgers

Card #504

What a bunch of bolagna!  Bob "Buck" Rodgers has one of the all-time great baseball nicknames, and Topps refuses to slip it in here.  The same company who for years kept printing "Rock" Raines cards.  For shame!

When this card was printed, Rodgers was coming off his NL Manager of the Year award for his work with the 1987 Expos.  Rodgers is infamous for being injured in a bad bus accident when he coached for the Angels.  Here's a more recent article catching up with him...


  1. I really like this card, it has a lot going for it. There is the leaned on netting, the giant broccoli floret in the background, and a great shot of the Expos uniform. I'd have this one quite a bit higher.

    Weird fact, Topps always referred to him a Bob Rodgers when he was with the Expos, but as soon as he switched to the Angels in 1992 Topps he was Buck.

  2. You make great points, but I carry a lot of bias from my teenage years, when I thought manager cards stunk in general.