Sunday, December 8, 2013

703rd Place - Jose Oquendo

Card #83

I've got nothing against Jose Oquendo.  As a son of parents who grew up in St. Louis I've always had a bit of favoritism towards the Red Birds.  But that look on Jose's face is kind of goofy. 

What do you think is happening off camera? 
A) Ozzie Smith didn't land the flip.
B) Jack Clark is trying to convince folks future Cardinals first basemen are on steroids.
C) Vince Coleman is playing with fireworks.

Oquendo has been a coach in the minors and majors pretty much since he retired, and always seems to be a finalist for managerial openings without ever having been selected.  I've always wondered if that is related to his Puerto Rican heritage and the trouble Latino candidates have had securing the title of "Skipper."

Oquendo represents the first Cardinals player on the countdown.  For more Oquendo fun, here's a humorous bit the Sklar twins did for ESPN a few years back:

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