Sunday, November 3, 2013

705th Place - Jeff Hamilton

Card #62

Ouch.  I'm reading the back of Hamilton's card, and in 1987 he had one RBI in 83 at-bats.  That's not good.

Neither is this card.

As a kid in the 80's I remember the forced transition to the ear flap helmet.  The angle of this particular photograph makes it look quite dorky.  Why pose for a profile shot in your helmet and not your cap?

Hamilton was a fringe player that hung around a handful of years with L.A., but he did get his World Series ring with the 1988 team.  Here's a decent summation of his career.


  1. I have no fond memories of this card or this player.

  2. I am an Oakland A's fan and I actively dislike anyone who played on the 1988 Dodgers team... This is the card that Jeff Hamilton deserves.