Saturday, October 26, 2013

706th Place - Mike Maddux

Card #756

We're going to add a new label for this one:


We all know Mike as Greg's big brother and as a well regarded pitching coach.  He's also floated his name out there for the open Tigers managerial job. 

Mike bounced around quite a bit in the bigs, though he did manage to pitch through the 2000 season.  Still, this card is bland.

Who's that standing behind Maddux?  That would be reigning Cy Young winner Steve Bedrosian.  Way to class it up, Maddux! 


  1. The Phillies:

    Mike Maddux, not Greg Maddux
    Mark Leiter, not Al Leiter
    Frank Torre, not Joe Torre
    David Palmer, not Jim Palmer (ok, they weren't brothers)

  2. lol - you've detected quite the pattern...