Tuesday, September 10, 2013

718th Place - Dale Sveum

Card #592

This Dale Sveum card forces us to ponder a classic philosophical question of the heart:

Is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?

Or, is it better to have posed for an awesome baseball card photo and blown it, or to settle for a boring head shot?

I love so much about this card.  The framing, with Dale's body covering the left edge and the bat pointing to the upper right corner.  The gloveless but taped hands, the late 80's hair blowing in the wind, the sun pouring in on his shoulders.  It's practically perfect!  Except...he blinked!!!  I'm not kidding, this card would easily have made it into the top 50 cards of the set if we could have caught his steely eyes surveying the field.  But alas, the Topps photographers are a fickle beast.

Dale currently serves as the head coach of the Chicago Cubs.  You might have heard about him being shot in the ear by Hall of Famer Robin Yount...

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