Thursday, September 12, 2013

716th Place - Jeff Montgomery

Card #447

My dad is an airline pilot.  I grew up on Air Force bases, and in the 8th grade he left military service to fly commercially.  He's 64 years old now and less than a year from the mandatory retirement age.

When my dad had to get his picture taken for his airline ID badge, we razzed him pretty good for the fake smile he was flashing.  It has become family tradition to call less than authentic grins "airline smiles."

I think Jeff Montgomery is giving us an airline smile.

This is Jeff's rookie card, and he deserves a higher rank in this countdown considering that fact and the stellar career he had.  He was a three time all-star with over 300 saves, all with the Royals.  He even finished in 13th place in the AL MVP race when he led the league in saves with 45.

But I'm still not buying that smile.  Compare it to his Twitter page.  I need more sincere emotion Jeff!


  1. I've been "airline smiling" my whole life.

  2. As always, I appreciate your humor Night Owl! Your tweet the other day about the Expos ground crew made me laugh out loud...