Saturday, July 27, 2013

722nd Place - Ed VandeBerg

Card #421

The Topps typist must have had a conniption over Ed's moniker.  Waiting so long to start capitalizing the last name results in an odd looking name banner.

Though he only spent four years in a Mariners' uniform, it feels strange seeing VandeBerg in a Cleveland jersey.  VandeBerg had a unique rookie season in that he led the American League in games pitched back in 1982.  I don't recall a rookie pitcher having ever done that before - any baseball reference junkies care to research that more?  Here's a funny anecdote about a time VandeBerg had to come into a game for an ejected Gaylord Perry.

On an unrelated note, my apologies to any loyal readers for my long absence.  A long vacation and a particularly busy time of the year for me professionally has sidetracked my ability to post - I'll try and do better!

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