Monday, July 29, 2013

721st Place - Andy Allanson

Card #728

Mullet?  Check.

Confused look?  Check.

Bangs visible under the ball cap?  Check.

Palm tree, indicating it can't possibly be Cleveland?  Check.

The real question is whose bat Allanson is holding.  He never wore #2 as an Indian.  My guess is Brett Butler.  Allanson owns and operates his own baseball academy these days...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

722nd Place - Ed VandeBerg

Card #421

The Topps typist must have had a conniption over Ed's moniker.  Waiting so long to start capitalizing the last name results in an odd looking name banner.

Though he only spent four years in a Mariners' uniform, it feels strange seeing VandeBerg in a Cleveland jersey.  VandeBerg had a unique rookie season in that he led the American League in games pitched back in 1982.  I don't recall a rookie pitcher having ever done that before - any baseball reference junkies care to research that more?  Here's a funny anecdote about a time VandeBerg had to come into a game for an ejected Gaylord Perry.

On an unrelated note, my apologies to any loyal readers for my long absence.  A long vacation and a particularly busy time of the year for me professionally has sidetracked my ability to post - I'll try and do better!