Saturday, June 1, 2013

731st Place - Jim Morrison

Card #751

Jim Morrison was one of those players when I was a kid I had a random fondness for.  I have no idea why, he was mostly a part time player without a remarkable record.  He was just one of those guys I rooted for without explanation.

Jim Morrison, of course, shares a name with someone more famous than himself, the lead singer of The Doors.  You always see Jim's name pop up when a blogger or baseball writer is creating a list or all star squad of alternate monikers. 

This card is one of the last airbrush jobs we'll see in the set, and is the only reason I would rank Jim so low.  He started the year in Pittsburgh but was traded to Detroit during their playoff run.  In that last stretch for the Tigers, he struck out 26 times in 117 at-bats with only 2 walks and a .205 average.  That's probably not what Sparky was hoping for.

If you couldn't initially tell this was an airbrushed card, the number under Jim's bill is a dead giveaway.  The "2" was his jersey number for the Pirates.  He wore #9 in Detroit.

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