Wednesday, June 5, 2013

728th Place - Lenn Sakata

Card #716

I've mentioned before that I'm a lifelong Orioles fan, so seeing Lenn Sakata not wearing an O's uniform - and especially wearing a Yankees jersey - really weirds we out.  It just doesn't look natural.

Sakata had a very peculiar and interesting career in the majors, being one of the first Asian Americans to ever play in the bigs, and having the distinction of being replaced by Cal Ripken Jr. at shortstop.  Sakata had one of the cushiest jobs in baseball after that:  backing up the Iron Man.  SABR has an awesome write-up on their biography project page.

I was just reading Kevin's Greg Briley post and thinking, "man, I miss big glasses on ball players."  Sakata only reinforces those emotions.


  1. This is clearly a mistake on Topps part; that photo is of Lenn's evil twin, Glenn Sakata.

    It's clearly been too long since I've gone through my 1988's, because this card weirds me out as well, and I wasn't even an Orioles fan at the time. It makes me feel a little better that he only played 19 games in pinstripes.

  2. As someone who is not an Orioles fan (but has a little brother who is), Sakata was a very easy target.

  3. C'mon Night Owl - have mercy on the Sakata's and little bro's of the world!

    Joe - follow the SABR link and you'll see how Lenn took out Ron Kittle on his way to the DL...

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