Monday, June 10, 2013

726th Place - Craig Reynolds

Card #557

This is the first Astros card featured on the blog.  The only remaining teams who haven't been featured yet are the Twins, Cardinals, and Mets.  I suppose it's no coincidence that the two World Series teams from the year before have better quality cards than their peers.

I've got nothing against Craig Reynolds.  I just find this card to be uninspired.  There's something about his smile that seems off, and the spring training crowd behind him is distracting.

Craig joins a growing number of players we've encountered who have worked in their respective churches since their playing days ended.  I'm starting to think maybe I should go back through and create a new label...


  1. Excellent choice. This card also bothers me for some unknown reason. I always thought it was the way his cap was sitting on his head.

  2. There is a definite unsettling quality to the card...

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