Wednesday, June 12, 2013

725th Place - Jeff Dedmon

Card #469

Unbeknown to Jeff, 1988 would be his last year in the majors.  Kind of ruins that nice smile, doesn't it?  This is his last Topps card.  His brief tenure on the Indians didn't make the cut in the following year's set.

Dedmon's daughter had some success as a high school softball player, which is all kinds of awesome.  It looks like she made it to the NCAA too.

Anytime I hear "Dedmon," I think of this video.

(NSFW language!)


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  2. Really, "Alex Stuarts"? Your old roommate kept talking about Jeff Dedmon's daughter being a college softball player and his last name reminding you of Animal House.

    I can't believe a blog as obscure as mine has spam...