Monday, May 6, 2013

745th Place - Mike Campbell

Card #246

Few things were more glorious as a young teenage collector than a card indicating the potential Hall of Fame career of the player pictured.  Donruss cornered the market on excitement with their "Rated Rookies," but Topps countered with the "Future Stars" label.

Mike Campbell was not a future star.

You can't blame Topps, though, all the signs were there.  Campbell was born in Seattle and coming up through his hometown team's minor league system.  He spent 1987 dominating at Calgary and got the late call up, even registering a complete game.  He was certainly a horse to bet on, but alas, he was a falling star instead.  (oof, bad pun...)

You'll see a theme of failed "Future Stars" on this blog - it was a bad year of predicting success for Topps.

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