Saturday, May 11, 2013

743rd Place - Tom Bolton

Card #442

Here's part two of the unusual dusk-shot Red Sox cards.  The jacket is a strange choice for Tom Bolton.  He looks more like an auto mechanic wearing it than a major league pitcher.

About ten years ago or so ESPN used to have a fantasy baseball simulator for retired baseball players.  They called it "Classic Fantasy Baseball."  Anyone who was inactive long enough to receive hall of fame votes was eligible to be drafted.  You had a 50 million dollar payroll, and each player had a corresponding value.  If I remember correctly, Babe Ruth had the highest salary, close to 20 million dollars.  Much like Billy Beane and his Moneyball tactics, the key to winning ESPN Classic was finding the most value for the least amount of dollars.  ESPN would periodically update the prices on players based on how popular they were becoming (I remember Ken Phelps' value sky-rocketing).  The cheapest guys only cost $280k, and, as I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear, were usually terrible.  But I stumbled onto Tom Bolton one season, and he pitched decently for a $280k player.  I would sneak him in late during a snake draft every so often, happy to know I was getting a good arm.

ESPN ended up cancelling the league, I guess it wasn't worth their time.  At $50 a team, they definitely helped out my checking account by terminating the game...

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