Thursday, May 30, 2013

732nd Place - Dickie Noles

Card #768

I'll just own it, Mr. Noles' first name made me snicker as a kid.  I remember in my junior high band days our marching uniforms included a "dickie," and that got us going too.  "I've got a dickie wrapped around my neck!"  "Nice dickie."  "Your dickie is crooked."

Dickie has a long documented case of interesting hair.  This was one of the first baseball cards I ever opened from a pack, and it's a thing of beauty.  This is another classic perm shot (hat tip to the Night Owl). 

But of course, the best/worst thing about this card is the "now with Tigers" print.  The first time I remember Topps doing this was with the 1985 Davey Lopes A's/Cubs card, though I'm far from certain that it was the first time Topps went this route.  I'm going to start a new poll, what do you like better, airbrushing or "now with"?

1 comment:

  1. I vote for neither. I hate cards that picture the player with one team's uniform while designating him and using the insignia of another team. I would rather everything remain consistent throughout the card, only because I hate having cards like, for example, Jim Thome's 2003 Leaf card in my Phillies collection.