Tuesday, April 2, 2013

758th Place - Damaso Garcia

Card #241

Here we have another player in a uniform that just doesn't look right.  Damaso Garcia came to the Braves in 1987 from the Blue Jays but never saw action that season due to a knee injury in spring training.  Odd uniform or not, Damaso has a history of letting that cap ride high on his head, but this shot blows all others out of the water.  It's practically hovering above his noggin! 

Garcia struggled in 1988 before getting released by Atlanta.  He played one more season in Montreal but that was the quick and sudden end for Garcia's career.

This card does boast two "gratuitous product placements" for the price of one, though.  The executives at Sharp and Marlboro must have been giving themselves high-fives when they saw this card.  Assuming, uh, they ever saw this card...

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