Saturday, April 27, 2013

748th Place - Bill Landrum

Card #42

The Jackie Robinson card!

Anyway, this Landrum card has a weird, blurry photo.  Is it a printing mistake?  Do all of the Landrum cards appear like this?  It looks like an image from one of the old 3-D glasses activity books I used to get as a kid in the 80's. 

The first scary movie my parents ever let me go to was Jaws 3-D.  I was only seven years old at the time and the summer camp I attended was taking a trip to the theater.  Our choices were Jaws and Bambi.  I begged my parents to let me see Jaws, that none of the "guys" were going to be caught dead in Bambi.  Miraculously, my parents caved.

I'm pretty sure I spent most of the movie with my eyes closed tight, but I still remember the (spoiler alert!) 3-D explosion of the shark at the end of the movie, with the jaw bone shooting straight at me.

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