Friday, March 1, 2013

775th Place - Bob James

Card #232

Oh boy.

Models tend to know what their "good side" is, the angle a photographer can shoot to maximize their best features.

Body profile shots are not kind to Bob James.

This card almost reaches the "so bad it's good" level.  First you have his sweaty, shaggy hair and perspiration-drenched, scraggly beard.  Next you have Bob's waist band working overtime to keep things in check.  Where's the belt?  The elastic has inadvertently caused a reverse muffin top. 

James had an outstanding season in 1985 when he notched 110 innings as a closer for Chicago, striking out 88 and saving 32 games to the tune of a 2.13 ERA.  But he struggled in 1986 and 1987 and the White Sox released him before the 1988 season.  Nobody ever gave him another chance, and thus Topps unexpectedly printed his last card with this set.

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