Saturday, March 2, 2013

774th Place - Pat Tabler

Card #230

The Indians aren't faring well in the early going of this blog, this is already their third featured card.

Pat Tabler was a decent big league hitter, and this card was printed coming off his career year in 1987.  He always hit for average, though he didn't have the power you'd expect from a DH/1B/corner outfielder type. 

I think the scan of this card somewhat diminished the "glaring" issue with this picture (see what I did there!).  The bright light shining off Tabler's face requires sunglasses just to look at it directly.  Is there an oncoming train?  Did the sun just go supernova?  Whatever the source of the flash is, it appears to be causing poor Pat a great deal of pain.  Or maybe that's the mullet.

We've also got the first gratuitous product placement of our countdown:  I see you there Coca-Cola cup!  I'd expect this from an Atlanta Brave, but not an Indian.  Why Coke cups anyway?  Are ballplayers really thirsting for carbonated beverages during a game?   

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