Monday, March 4, 2013

773rd Place - Lee Elia

Card #254

Lee looks like a Brillo pad is escaping from his cap.

Elia is most famous, or infamous, for his rant against Chicago Cubs fans (NSFW language!) when he was managing...the Cubs.  The Wrigley faithful must have really been letting the home team have it that game.

The back of Elia's card reveals he was born in Philadelphia.  That had to be a dream job - to land the managing gig in your hometown.  Too bad he only lasted a couple of seasons.  The late 80's Phillies were terrible.

We haven't tackled this on the blog yet, but Topps sure got, uh, creative with the colors they picked for the card borders and name banner.  For Philadelphia they chose green with plum purple.  Seeing Elia's baby blue road jersey and the maroon hat creates quite the optical clash. 

Does anyone know what Elia's arm patch commemorates?

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