Tuesday, March 5, 2013

772nd Place - Vicente Palacios

Card #322

I think it's hard for ballplayers to pull off the "serious" look on a card, but Vicente here nails it.  He's looking past the camera, his brow is furrowed, and he's oozing confidence.  I love it.  The gold chain is a nice touch too.

But once again we have a botched airbrush job.  His hat is a dead giveaway.  The mystery, though, is why it's airbrushed at all.  Unlike previous airbrush disasters we've already seen on the blog, Palacios didn't come to the Pirates in a trade.  He was part of the Pittsburgh system the entire year.  He did spend most of his time in the minors in 1987, but this picture appears to be a spring training shot.  What hat was he wearing in the Pirates camp? 

Palacios bounced in and out of the majors for a number of seasons, making his final appearance in 2000.  That's some kind of determination.

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