Tuesday, March 19, 2013

766th Place - Dave Henderson

Card #628

I swear it's just an uncanny coincidence that Dave Henderson is the next featured card after Donnie Moore.  Eerie, yes, but just a coincidence.

I always loved Dave "Hendu" Henderson during his playing days.  He had an infectious smile and tended to rise to the occasion in clutch situations.  One of my favorite memories of Henderson was from his time on the A's.  He was sharing the outfield with the more popular Henderson: Rickey.  Rickey had this showboating way of catching fly balls.  He would keep his glove down until the last possible second and then swat the ball out of the air, into his glove, right before it looked like it would fall on his head.  I remember watching a game on TV where Dave did the same thing, poking fun at Rickey and laughing the whole time.

So why do we have Henderson so low on this blog?  Airbrushing, that's why.  This is, however, our first airbrushed batting helmet.  Leave it to Topps to make Dave Henderson less charismatic.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, boy, I really dislike this card. The airbrushing is so bad, it almost seems like it doesn't belong as part of the set. Like it's a cheap knock-off version of the set.