Wednesday, March 27, 2013

762nd Place - Ted Simmons

Card #791

Ted Simmons is one of the more criminally underrated players in baseball history, though that claim has been made so many times he's starting to feel overrated. 

This particular baseball card does not portray Simmons in a positive light.  It looks like he has swung and missed a pitch.  The cool, ear flap-less helmet is muted by his open mouth, wheezing in exasperation as his career is dangerously close to completion.  He's so twisted after this swing I'm positive he collapsed to the ground a second after the photograph was taken.  There's something alarmingly disproportional about his torso/belt area.  It just doesn't look right.

Simmons has his cool points, like swinging a bat without batting gloves and his random connection to Bob Seger, but I never thought Simmons looked right in a Braves uniform. 

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  1. Simmons has a lot of cool cards, but the ones from later in his career are definitely not among them.