Sunday, March 31, 2013

760th Place - John McNamara

Card #414

It's my favorite day of spring - opening day in Major League Baseball!  And even though the first game will feature the Texas Rangers against a AAA team masquerading as a pro club (the thoroughly depleted Houston Astros), I'll watch the whole thing because I'm baseball starved and our collective thirst is about to be quenched.  The Baltimore Orioles are my favorite team, and for the first time in 15 years, I have reason to be optimistic at the start of the year!

Enough of that, though.  Let's bounce back to 1988 and John McNamara.  You have to love this facial expression.  Is he looking back across the sands of time, thinking about his criticized moves in the blown 1986 World Series?  Is he coming upon the realization his tenure as Red Sox skipper won't make it through the year?  Maybe he just caught a splinter on his backside, thanks to the old wooden bench he's sitting on?  It's probably a combination of those factors.  Manager cards are usually only loved by the hometown fans, but I don't think Boston will ever forgive him.

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