Tuesday, February 12, 2013

791st Place - Checklist

Card #646

The wise Night Owl was kind enough to inform me there has been another 1988 Topps blog:


I want to pay respects to my predecessor, as I hadn't realized it existed.  I'll go ahead and proceed with my version, since I'm "ranking" the cards from worst to first.  But please check the link above as it's quite outstanding.

A few years back, before my revitalized interest in baseball cards, I threw out thousands of "common cards."  The cardboard fodder wasn't good enough for binders, was cumbersome to move...I just got rid of them.  Surely checklist #646 was among the casualties.  Now I'm blogging about it!  I regret chucking those cards, that's for sure.

All that being said, checklists are still terrible.

Notable names: Gary Carter, Don Sutton, Mike Schmidt, Cal Ripken


  1. I always liked the checklists. Sure, they were kinda boring, but pre-internet they were how i knew what cards I was missing.

  2. That is true. It was funny years later when they would watermark images of players on them, to spruce them up a bit. (I know Upper Deck did that, can't remember if Topps did too...)