Wednesday, February 13, 2013

790th Place - Checklist

Card #528

One of the reasons I love 1988 baseball cards so much is because that was the year I remember card collecting ballooning in popularity among my peers.

I was in junior high at the time.  A friend of mine at school was an established collector like myself, we used to trade somewhat frequently (he was a Bucky Dent collector of all things - I still remember handing over my 1984 Topps Dent to him).  We would also bring our cards to school from time to time to share what we had gathered.

Anyway, one day it seemed like all these other kids were suddenly buying and collecting too.  The funny thing, though, was they knew next to nothing about collecting or even baseball in general.  Kids would come up to us with their latest pack purchases and ask us which cards were "good."  This was probably my first time experiencing the sensation that I was an authority figure.

At some point this blog will feature cards with player faces on them, I promise.

Notable names:  Ozzie Smith, Paul Molitor, Eddie Murray, Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield

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