Friday, February 15, 2013

789th Place - Checklist

Card #373

I've seen some frenzied discussions related to the new series of 2013 Topps and the shorter run of cards in the completed set (somewhere around 660).  OK, maybe not frenzied, but some lively debate.

*cue old man voice*

"Back in my day a Topps set was a long, laborious 792 cards.  Every team was guaranteed their third string catcher would have a card!  Triple-A lifer with a cup of coffee the previous year?  Card!  If you suited up, you probably had a card.  That's the way it should be!"

*end old man rant*

I'll tell you one advantage of shorter sets:  fewer checklists.

Notable names:  Bert Blyleven, Tony Gwynn, Carlton Fisk, Wade Boggs


  1. Even older man voice:

    "Back in my day sets were 660 cards, with everyone who suited up and with none of that extra all-star card filler."

  2. Rob- I have to say I thought the previous checklist was better ;)