Saturday, February 16, 2013

787th Place - Checklist

Card #121

Thank goodness, the last checklist.

Tomorrow we'll start with actual pictures of players.  As I move forward, my rankings will take into consideration such factors as card appearance, quality of ballplayer, originality, uniqueness, historical impact, and numerous other x-factors.  Please feel free to argue vigorously or agree completely - there will be very little middle ground as my opinions will be swift and without mercy. 

On a completely unrelated it not utterly amazing that a player listed on this checklist - from 1988 - actually played in major league games last year!?!  That's a span of twenty-four years!!!  How fast can you spot the card? 

Notable names: Ryne Sandberg, Sparky Anderson, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley, Tom Lasorda, Barry Larkin, Dick Williams, Kirby Puckett

(Confession - I ranked these checklists numerically, not by quality, so I think it's funny the checklist with the most hall of famers on it was actually ranked highest...)


  1. "Jamie Moyer" without even looking at the checklist.

  2. ...and Roger Clemens is on the backside of the checklist, which means it almost had two players who were active in 2012...