Sunday, February 17, 2013

786th Place - Tito Landrum

Card #581

What grievous action did Tito Landrum commit against Topps to deserve a fate like this?

Topps has a long running fascination with airbrushing - something they're still doing in 2013 - and Tito here is the perfect example of everything wrong with it.  Mr. Landrum was traded from the Cardinals to the Dodgers during the 1987 season, which caused the need to grotesquely alter his uniform.  The blue of the hat overpowers the too-light white of the "LA" symbol.  I have no idea what the color of Tito's original jersey looks like, but the the after-effect looks like my four year old got a hold of a gray crayon with no concern for realism or believability.  The background is also fabricated.  Tito looks more like a cartoon than an actual ballplayer.

Here's what kills me about this card.  The "special effects" applied to it were somehow more convenient and less time consuming for Topps than just snapping a new picture.  For Pete's sake - he played in Los Angeles!  It's the second largest city in MLB, nobody could get a photo of him in one of the 51 games he played? 

Congratulations, Tito Landrum, you have the worst picture card in the 1988 set!

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  1. No, no, no, no. No Dodger gets the last spot.

    (I can think of a worse airbrush job in '88 Topps, but I believe it's actually in the Traded set).