Monday, February 18, 2013

785th Place - Dave LaPoint

Card #334

"LaPoint."  French for..."the point."

I was so close to putting this one in 786's place, but Topps managed to preserve the natural background before committing another hatchet job with their airbrush.

Once again the artificial enhancements are freakishly cartoonish.  The Chicago script on the jersey is placed too high.  The shadow across his right shoulder is a nice touch, if you're a fan of details in your airbrushing.

The worst offense on the card, though, is the cursive letter "c" on Dave's cap.  Besides being Chicago's worst ever uniform scheme (and boy, that's saying something), the Topps graffiti expert just couldn't get the right look to it.

And Dave LaPoint is laughing maniacally all the while...


  1. When LaPoint was with the Tigers my cousin had a friend who met LaPoint at a bar. Knowing what a big Tiger fan I was, he got an autograph for me... on a post-it-note. I lost it soon there after. I wasn't exactly heartbroken

  2. LaPoint is a Glens Falls, N.Y., native, which is a few hours away from me. I've known several writers who have interviewed him. He was a pretty cooperative interview.

    This card is very similar to another in the '88 set that must be coming up very soon. (And I've always hated it, by the way).

  3. Brandon - that's hilarious.

    Night Owl - if you're talking an ex-Dodger leftie, that's coming up next...