Tuesday, February 19, 2013

784th Place - Rick Honeycutt

Card #641

You can probably tell by now I'm prejudiced against airbrushing.

Rick Honeycutt was traded from the Dodgers to the A's in the middle of the 1987 season, necessitating once again a uniform change for the card.  And again, Topps held a coloring contest at the local elementary school where one lucky third grader's work was chosen to immortalize Honeycutt's new team.

As a kid, Rick Honeycutt always made me think of this.  That's probably because my mom would only buy non-sugary cereals when I was young.  Now that she's a grandmother, she's always trying to sneak sweet snacks to my kids whenever I turn my back on her.  I guess since she doesn't have to deal with disciplining kids hopped up on sugar she doesn't mind making them junkies.  Somehow I'm blaming Honeycutt for this. 

The Dodgers received Tim Belcher when they sent Honeycutt to Oakland, and Belcher helped pitch the Dodgers to their improbable World Series win in...1988.  Between that and the silly looking, hat-tipped-forward look Honeycutt is sporting on this card, there's more than enough bad mojo to earn Rick such a terrible ranking on this blog.

(To his credit, he did lead the AL in ERA back in 1983 - that has to be one of the more unusual seasonal ERA title holders in MLB history...)