Thursday, February 21, 2013

782nd Place - Dave Dravecky

Card #68

Does anybody else think Dave Dravecky's airbrushed hat looks like a chalkboard, complete with chalk markings?

The hat is high, the background is dull, and Dravecky is staring off into space.  Is that a smirk we see?  Is he pulling a "Mona Lisa" on us?

1988 wasn't the year of bad baseball cards for Dravecky, it was the year they found cancer in his pitching arm.  The next season he experienced one of the most gruesome injuries anyone has ever witnessed on a field of play.

I couldn't watch it again myself, but here's a link.

Clearly Dravecky has found some perspective, as the injury and cancer resulted in having his arm amputated.  A terrible baseball card suddenly doesn't seem so tragic...

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