Saturday, February 23, 2013

781st Place - Pat Perry

Card #282

Covert airbrush alert!!!

Pat Perry was traded from the Cardinals to the Reds in late August of 1987, and whereas our last few cards in this countdown have been obvious in their uniform alterations, Topps had the benefit of converting Perry from a red and white uniform to a different red and white uniform.  Focus in on that "C", though, and you can see the Frankenstein effects.

I'm making a concerted effort while writing this blog to minimize the attention I pay to a player's physical appearance.  None of us got to choose our respective gene pools, and making fun of the way somebody looks is shallow and bullying. 

All that being said...I'm fascinated by Pat's chipped tooth and faint moustache.  Did he take a line drive to the face?  Did he forget to shave his upper lip that morning?  Can I still sign up for his baseball academy?

Also, the placement of the Topps logo on this card almost looks like it's a patch on his uniform.

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