Monday, February 25, 2013

779th Place - Rick Manning

Card #441

Those 80's-era Brewer uniforms are sweet.  The blue piping, the glove/m&b logo on the hats, just a classic look.

I'll bet you didn't notice any of that, though.

I'll bet you're staring at that awkward face Rick Manning is making. 

Sometimes Topps is just mean.  There's no way that could be the best photo in their film roll.  Was he picking his nose in the other shots?  I'm not sure if he's smiling or being examined by a dentist just off camera.  He seems to have a nice enough normal grin.  Maybe Topps was just a big Dennis Eckersley fan...

When you look at the back of Manning's baseball card, you're struck by how unspectacular his career was.  He played 14 seasons, mostly as a starter, and only once had a slugging percentage above .400.  In 1987, the year of the juiced ball, he didn't have a single home run in 114 at-bats.  He didn't walk that much, he's a career .257 hitter...he must be the shining definition of a "league average" player. 

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  1. When he first came up, he was considered an exciting player, and indeed he had an OPS over 100 his first two seasons...then he broke his back. He was supposedly a good fielder though.