Tuesday, February 26, 2013

778th Place - Bob Tewksbury

Card #593

It's weird to me to see Tewksbury in a Cubs uniform instead of a Cardinals jersey.  It's even weirder since that's not a real Cubs uniform.

That's right, in case you're legally blind, we have another airbrush disaster.

Tewksbury came to the Cubs during the 1987 season from the Yankees.  I give credit to the airbrush artist at Topps, because his jersey looks like honest-to-goodness Cubs apparel.  But you take one glance at the cap and the jig is up.  That letter "c" looks like a knock-off attempt you might see being sold by a shady street vendor outside of Wrigley.

This card also introduces a new label I'm adding to the mix:  nose hairs. 

I'm not sure why they're fascinated with the down-under camera approach, but this is hardly the last attempt we'll see of Topps trying to capture a nose goblin on cardboard.


  1. I'm a little bit disturbed by all the airbrushing in this set. I knew there was some, but I didn't know there was THIS much.

  2. Were not even close to being done with them either...