Wednesday, February 27, 2013

777th Place - Junior Noboa

Card #503

Let's start off with the positive:

Junior Noboa has a great smile!

He seems like a charismatic guy.  You can see the thrill on his face as the Topps photographer steals a shot.  He probably didn't realize how terrible the card would turn out.

I did some in depth research (about a minute of Google image searching) and it looks like the Topps printing press had some issues.  There is a green mole on his left eye that doesn't appear in different Noboa cards.  It must be an ink stain of some sort?  There are other marks near his hat and above the "d" and "n" of the Indians script, though that could be nicks in the  boring-as-all-get-out green wall in the background.  I'm fairly certain he's standing in an old Municipal Stadium men's room.

Before we lay this card to rest, we must address Junior's pullover jacket.  I'm not convinced it's officially licensed MLB gear.  There isn't an offensive Native American logo to be seen.  It's probably a generic knock-off from the local Wal-Mart.  C'mon Cleveland, utility infielders deserve uniforms too!

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