Thursday, February 28, 2013

776th Place - Doc Edwards

Card #374

Doc Edwards' face perfectly expresses how, as a kid, I felt opening a pack of cards with a manager in it.

The older I get, the more I appreciate manager cards.  There's a nice historical aspect to them.  The coaches I see today were the ballplayers I collected as a kid. 

Doc replaced Pat Corrales half way through the 1987 season, and made it through most of the 1989 season before getting canned himself.  His teams never finished higher than sixth.  The Indians were terrible in the late 1980's, and Doc never managed in the bigs again.

That must be such a conflicting feeling - to finally become manager of a big league club, but not be able to enjoy it because your teams stinks. 

Unless you're a die hard Indians fan, this is a forgettable card from a forgettable era in Cleveland...


  1. The best thing about soming across this card was learning that there was a place named "Red Jacket, West Virginia".

  2. Doc always looked like he was 78 years old.